Program of the Conference


Address of the Chair of the Program Committee

Dear guests! We started the development of the program and organizational project of the 3rd HR-trend conference.

The purpose of the conference is to formulate an up-to-date agenda for human resources management, exchange best practices and promote a modern methodology of managing human and organizational resources.

The HR-trend-2017 conference is a platform for exchange of the best practices of human resources development between higher education and business, both in order to ensure normal functioning of organizations, and to manage changes and development, and to introduce innovations.

An integrated approach to the topic is ensured by several independent tracks which cover interrelated topics. The conference focuses on the development of human resources, corporate culture, organizational development, new methods of work, and research of the state of human relations.

We accept that the task is to harmonize and coordinate the requirements for the development of human potential and creation of the conditions for students and employees to learn different modes of work. We consider a graduate’s ability to distinguish between organizational situations and successfully work in them, as a key competence.

I invite you to participate in the conference and look forward to meeting you!

Oleg Alekseev
Chair of the Program committee

Tracks and conference topics

ТРЕК #1. RUN / Sustainability of organizational processes
Moderator: O. Konovalov

  • How to ensure integration, reproduction, and translation of new norms
  • Which organizational forms can facilitate these processes?
  • What kind of an incentive program promotes normal reproduction of an organization’s basic processes?
  • What type of a training program will help employees who are stuck in routine?
  • The role of an HR department in promoting sustainability

ТРЕК #2. CHANGE / Organizational Change Management
Moderator: O. Alekseev

  • Which organizational forms help transition into a change mode?
  • Which management style is the most relevant in the period of change?
  • What type of a organizational culture facilitates and sustains changes?
  • Promoting change, training organization’s personnel to increase involvement into change processes
  • What are needed to facilitate intracorporate research?
  • The role of HR department in sustaining change management mode

ТРЕК #3. DISRUPTION / Providing breakthrough innovations
Moderator: O. Grinko

  • Entrepreneurial type of thinking and forms of its realization
  • Which new types of cooperation must be supported?
  • How to support network and club-like forms of cooperation?
  • Which competencies that we lack are in demand?
  • The role of HR in sustaining breakthorough innovations mode


Person-centered workshops:

ability to change states and activity modes

Organization-centered workshops:

best practices in implementation and application of specific management tools


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